5 Reasons Why You Need to Try Scuba Diving in Malta

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With its clear blue Mediterranean waters, the Maltese Islands are perhaps one of the best places on Earth to go scuba diving. Scuba diving in Malta offers a unique experience which cannot be matched anywhere else on the planet. With its large abundance of underwater caves, wrecks, and reefs, scuba diving in Malta is one of the most interesting diving experiences you can have.

The clarity and calmness of the dive sites in Gozo & Malta allow for excellent visibility whereas the risk of encountering any dangerous sea-dwelling animals is virtually non-existent.

Here are five reasons why you need to try scuba diving in Malta:

#1: The World’s Most Stunning Waters

Gozo and Malta have some of the world’s most stunning waters, which are known for being warm, clear and calm. The properties of the Mediterranean waters surrounding the Maltese islands are perfect for a smooth scuba diving experience visibility is high and the water has a relaxing feel to it. The waters are warm and crystal clear, no wetsuit needed!

Many choose Malta because of the absence of dangerous fish to defend yourself with in the waters and this makes it one of the more relaxing scuba diving experiences anywhere around – there is virtually no risk at all.

#2: Beautiful Marine Life

Malta and Gozo have a huge abundance of various marine species and this is one of the major reasons why it is such a popular place to go scuba diving. If you are a naturist and want to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most beautiful species of fish, Malta is a place you simply must visit.

The Mediterranean Sea is known as being home to several thousand species of fish; you are sure to see something new and exciting below the surface, such as the purple nudibranch. The waters are protected, no spearfishing allowed.

Scuba Diving in Malta

#3: Shipwrecks & Underwater Surprises

If you are a fan of ships or love anything to do with history, Malta is the perfect place to go scuba diving. During the First and Second World Wars, Malta was a great focal point for much of the regional action and, as a result of this, there are many wrecks resting below the surface, which include submarines and cargo ships, to name a few. Be sure to bring a dive light to see the fish hiding inside!

Exploring these wrecks is a true way to re-live history and get a real look at the events which took place some one-hundred years ago. The wrecks are technical dives, be sure to use a diving computer. If you are looking for a scuba diving journey to take you back in time, look no further than Malta!

4: Lots of Choices

Malta is a haven for diving and, as a result, there are plenty of professional diving centers dotted around the island; scuba diving is a huge industry here. You will have no problem finding a reputable diving center and you will be in the water before you know it. Plus, the Maltese people are known for being a friendly bunch and the customer service you receive will be second-to-none.

5: Explore Malta

You won’t be spending all of your time under the water. After all, Malta is a stunning country and there is plenty to see, do, and experience when you are above the surface. In fact, we think it is the only place on earth where you get the best of both worlds: a world-class diving experience; and a charming European destination rich in history, culture, friendly natives and amazing food.

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