The 3 Best Ski Apps Reviewed For 2017

Best Ski Apps

There are many ski apps for tracking the weather, snow fall, discounts etc, here I am focusing on ski apps for tracking your runs down the mountain. While using a ski app is not going to make you a better skier, they do make skiing more fun. I tried out a few on my trip to Telluride in January and ...

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The 3 Best Ski Boot Bags Reviewed For 2017

Best Ski Boot Bag

Anyone who has taken a ski vacation with their gear know how awkward it is carrying their boots. They are heavy and bulky so a good quality boot bag is a necessity. And its not just your boots, you have a helmet (or should have), goggles, gloves, socks and lots of misc gear. A decent sized boot bag with extra ...

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The 3 Best Cross Country Skis Reviewed For 2017

Best Cross Country Skis

Cross country skiing, sometimes called Nordic skiing, is a relaxing and fun way to get out and enjoy the winter snow. This type of skiing can be done in the mountains, or on flat land and doesn’t necessarily involve the speed and dangers of downhill skiing. There are several different styles, a cross country skier might be touring, racing, or ...

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The 5 Best Womens Ski Gloves Reviewed For 2017

Best Womens Ski Gloves

To choose the best ski gloves for Women (or mittens) for any woman, you need to consider a glove’s thickness and warmth, while keeping in mind the importance of allowing for adequate dexterity. With there being so many options available, how do you know which ones to buy? So make it easy to choose a great pair of ski gloves ...

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The 5 Best Ski Masks Reviewed For 2017

Best Ski Mask

It may be tempting to incorrectly identify a balaclava or ski mask as a delightful pastry but it’s not. Balaclavas are a specific type of face warmer. The term has recently come to be used ubiquitously to describe any face warming device – from neck warmers to full face, windproof fabrics. We’re going to avoid neck warmers and stick solely ...

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The 7 Best Snowboard Jackets Reviewed For 2017

Best Snowboard Jackets

Winter means cold weather, plenty of snow, and the chance to shred mountains. What does it take to get out there and get after it safely? You’ll need your snowboard, jacket, pants, and gear. Of course, each snowboarder has different taste and style. That’s why today we’re going to help you find the best snowboard jacket for you. Whether you ...

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The 7 Best Snowboard Boots Reviewed For 2017

Best Snowboard Boots

Snowboarding can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever face. While the wipe outs and diggers are real, snowboarding quickly becomes a lifelong passion for many who try it. If you’re like me, mountain sports are a huge part of who you are. That’s why we pay so much attention and money to our gear. Finding the best ...

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The 3 Best Ski Boots For Beginners Reviewed – [2017]

Best Ski Boots For Beginners

You’re thinking about joining some friends on a ski trip, or maybe you’ve decided to learn on your own. Either way, this year is the year you learn to ski! As a beginner skier, there is already tons of advice, information, and skills to know. It doesn’t help that all the gear is expensive and everyone seems to be trying ...

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The 5 Best Ski Helmets Reviewed For 2017

Best Ski Helmet

The best ski helmets are not only warm but so comfortable you will forget you are wearing a helmet. There really is no good reason for not wearing a helmet when skiing or snowboarding. No matter what your budget is, there is a helmet that will meet your needs. Even the cheaper models offer good protection and are plenty warm. ...

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The 3 Best Ski Bindings For Beginners – [2017]

Best Beginner Ski Bindings

If you’ve just bought your first pair of skis and you’re looking for a binding, then we’re going to help guide you through the process. As a full-time ski instructor, I spend over 100 days a year on skis. My first pair of skis was a total disaster – cobbled together from the cheapest skis and bindings I could buy ...

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