The 5 Best Base Layers For Skiing Reviewed – [2017]

Best base layer for skiing and boarding

Your base layer for skiing can make or break a day on the slopes. A good base later will regulate your temperature by wicking away moisture from your skin.  This will keep you warm and dry. Base layers are typically tight-fitting in order to avoid chafing and to provide compression, as well as support. The best base layers for skiing ...

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The 5 Best Ski and Snowboard Roof Racks For 2017


There’s no arguing that skis just don’t pack up well. They’re long, bulky, and simply can’t be made to fit in small spaces. When I made my first trip across the country as a skiing professional, I had to break down and buy a ski rack because there was no way my skis were going to fit inside the old ...

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The 5 Best Ski Poles Reviewed For 2017


So many skiers overlook the ski pole and, even more so, many skiers fail to understand the true use and value of a ski pole. Ski poles, and your use of them, can really make or break a well-polished skier’s form on the mountain. Keeping your hands up and in front while you actively use the ski poles can be ...

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The 3 Best Cross Country Skis Reviewed For 2017


Cross country skiing, sometimes called Nordic skiing, is a relaxing and fun way to get out and enjoy the winter snow. This type of skiing can be done in the mountains, or on flat land and doesn’t necessarily involve the speed and dangers of downhill skiing. There are several different styles, a cross country skier might be touring, racing, or ...

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The 5 Best Ski Socks Reviewed For 2017

Best Ski Sock Reviews

If your feet get cold or end up with blisters its probably your ski socks and not your boots. A good ski sock is going to be made from a combination of organic fibers, like Merino Wool and synthetic fibers like nylon. This combination provides the best possible combination of warmth, thickness and moisture wicking abilities. So what are the ...

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The 3 Best Ski Boots For Beginners Reviewed – [2017]


You’re thinking about joining some friends on a ski trip, or maybe you’ve decided to learn on your own. Either way, this year is the year you learn to ski! As a beginner skier, there is already tons of advice, information, and skills to know. It doesn’t help that all the gear is expensive and everyone seems to be trying ...

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The 5 Best Womens Ski Gloves Reviewed For 2017

Best Womens Ski Gloves Reviews

To choose the ideal pair of ski and snowboard gloves (or mittens) for any woman, you need to consider a glove’s thickness and warmth, while keeping in mind the importance of allowing for adequate dexterity. With there being so many options available, how do you know which ones to buy? So make it easy to choose a great pair of ...

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The 5 Best Snowmobile Helmets Reviewed – [2017]

Best Snowmobile Helmet Reviews

These days, snowmobile helmets are often feature rich and sometimes confusing. It seems like they are all made for the high flying Wyoming backcountry powder junkie. No matter what your riding style is, you’re going to have to sort through a lot of options to find a snowmobile helmet that provides a good fit, comfort, and safety. In this guide ...

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The 5 Best Snowshoes Reviewed For 2017

reviews of the best snowshoes

Just because its winter doesn’t mean you should give up hiking or trail running. I think snowshoeing is a better workout and there is something about being in the woods in the winter that is hard to describe. You probably already have the winter apparel, now you just need a pair of snowshoes and you don’t need to spend a ...

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The 5 Best Ski Helmets Reviewed – [2017]


The latest ski helmets are not only warm but so comfortable you will forget you are wearing a helmet. There really is no good reason for not wearing a helmet when skiing or snowboarding. No matter what your budget is, there is a helmet that will meet your needs. Even the cheaper models offer good protection and are plenty warm. ...

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