The 3 Best Bike Trailers Reviewed For 2017

If you have always ridden bikes and now have a family, there’s no reason you have to stop enjoying the activity you love.

In fact, enjoying this activity with your kids is a great way to instill a love for riding at a young age.

The trick is to find the best bike trailer reviews so you know what to look for when purchasing a bike trailer.

We selected several of the top bicycle trailers and had one of our adventurous cycler moms take on the challenge of trying them out.

First lets take a look at the bike trailers, then we’ll talk about how to choose the best one for you.

  1. Instep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer
  2. Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer
  3. Schwinn Trailnblazer Single Bike Trailer

Here is a feature overview of the bike trailers with full reviews and our buying guide below.

The 3 Best Bike Trailers

 InStep Sync Single Bicycle TrailerAllen Sports 2-Child Steel Bicycle TrailerSchwinn Trailblazer Single Bike Trailer
editors choice
Transports:1 Child, 40 lbs.2 Children, 100 lbs.1 Child, 50 lbs.
Folded Size:7 x 20 x 32 inches 7 x 26 x 31 inches 7 x 21 x 32 inches
Features:Has mesh screen, weather shield and a child safety harness.

Easily folds up with quick release 16-in. pneumatic tires.
Has mesh screen and a weather shield.

Easily folds up with quick release 16-in. pneumatic tires.

Safety harness, safety flag and a foot guard tube to protect your child's feet.
Has mesh screen, weather shield and a child safety harness,

Easily folds up with quick release 16-in. pneumatic tires.

Bicycle Trailer Reviews

#1 Instep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer Review

This stylish green and grey Instep bicycle trailer is great for toting one child, up to 40 pounds max. The harness works well, snugly fitting a child into the trailer in order to avoid injury when riding over rough terrain.  Be it urban or trail-riding, cyclers and passengers, especially young children, should wear a properly fitted helmet.

You can purchase an optional stroller kit for this trailer, but whether you do or not, the trailer or stroller kit is still an amazing value for both bikers and joggers.

Because it fits almost any bike on the market, this trailer won’t require you to invest a lot of time and money in choosing a new bicycle that will accommodate it.

I found this model was extremely lightweight and easy to fold for compact storage when not in use or when traveling to our biking destination.

It has 16” pneumatic tires for longevity that offer a smooth ride for your little passenger. A great feature is the mesh screen and weather-resistant top to keep your rider out of the rain and away from the bugs.

My child was perfectly comfortable in this trailer and we tested it on streets as well as on trails; and both the screen and weather resistant top worked well.

He easily fit into the harness which worked well for his size at 35 pounds. I had no trouble connecting this trailer to my 15-year-old trail bike.

The Instep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer is a great value for the money, especially with the add-on stroller attachment. And if your baby happens to be the furry, 4 legged kind, the Instep is also the best dog bike trailer.

You will get a lot of use out of this adventure equipment and your child (like mine) will be begging to go out for more. I found the Instep to be one of the best bike trailers for babies because it had more storage capacity than other trailers.

This was my overall favorite bike trailer, I highly recommend it.

#2 Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer Review

There are a few similarities between the Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer and the Instep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer so let’s start with those.

First, it does have the weather resistant rain guard and bug screens to keep the riders protected from the elements and the bugs.  It also has a folding design for easy and convenient storage. The 16” pneumatic wheels also provide a smooth and comfortable ride. There are also significant differences between the two.

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer Review

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

The Instep can hold two children, up to 100 pounds max payload. When trying out this trailer, I took my son and his friend, who weigh 85 lbs. combined.  They both seemed comfortable.

At least, I didn’t hear any complaints.  I was especially surprised that my son, the smaller one at 35 pounds, wasn’t squished.

This trailer sports a foot guard to keep children’s feet from getting being injured from the running along the ground.

It also attaches easily to most bikes, including my older one, with a quick connect and disconnect.

I especially love that this trailer, being somewhat bigger than the others reviewed here, provides a storage space in the back which we utilized for our packed lunches as well as for storing the kids’ helmets. I found the Allen Sports to be one of the best bike trailers for 2 kids.

You’d expect with all 85 lbs. towed behind you the weight would slow you down, but it didn’t. The frame of the trailer is made from lightweight steel. It is sturdy but also lightweight. Thus it’s capable of handling bumps along the road or trail quite easily.

Lucky kids will go everywhere in style with the bright red exterior of this double bicycle trailer.

We used every feature of this trailer to truly put it to the test. Our goal was to assess it’s functionality for both everyday rides as well as for spontaneous riding adventures.

If you have two children, or if you regularly travel with someone has a child also, then this kids bike trailer is for you.

#3 Schwinn Trailnblazer Single Bike Trailer Review

The two bike trailers reviewed above had folding frames for convenient storage. The Schwinn model does as well, offering quick release wheels to make it as compact as possible for storage. The 16” wheels, also pneumatic, add to performance so the single child rider will have the smoothest ride possible.

The blue and grey design is stylish and attractive, but won’t necessarily catch the eye of everyone in town like the bright red Instep trailer does. The Schwinn also boasts screen protectors and weather resistant-materials to keep kids safe from moisture and bugs.

You can safely transport one child in this trailer, not to exceed the 50lbs. limit.

This weight limit is higher than than the capacity offered in most other trailers. The Schwinn is one of the best bike trailers for children with the ability to transport your child plus some extra cargo.

The coupler adapts easily to most bikes, as it did to mine; and it was easy to connect and disconnect.

My son was very comfortable in the Schwinn bicycle trailer when we tested it and I think he loved the color most of all. By purchasing a trailer made by Schwinn, you pretty much know you’re getting a quality product, a product that is also covered by a manufacture warranty.

How to Select the Right Bike Trailer

best bike trailer reviews

The above three trailers are just a few of many on the market. These are great ones to choose from. If you want to choose from these three, how do you know which is best? Well, there are several factors you have to look at to make sure you are choosing the right one for both you and the child(ren) using it.

Types of Bike Trailers

There are two types of bike trailers. The first type, and the most common for younger children, is the standard type. These are enclosed, the child is fastened in with either a belt or a 5-point harness, and they vary in capacity.

Some can hold one child, some two. Still others have extra room for storage in the sides and back for anything you may be taking with you on your biking adventures. This extra room may be padded for the bumps that may be experienced, and some trailers have more than others. This is the type focused on in these bike trailer reviews.

Pedal trailers can only fit one child, as it looks like another bike attached to the back of the adult’s bicycle. The “trailer” stays up because of how it is attached, so the child can stay upright on their own and pedal themselves.

These are usually for older kids who have not learned how to ride their own bike yet, and yet it still gives them the opportunity to “help” in the bike ride, as when they pedal, it does help the adult as well. There is usually no extra storage with this type of trailer.

Criteria for Evaluation of a Bike Trailer

The following things listed are the things you will want to look at when deciding the perfect bicycle trailer for your child or children. Make sure to take into account all factors before making your purchase as it is an important purchase and will you will use this product until your child or children outgrow it.

Protection for Child & Comfort

You will want to look at how your child will be secured into or onto the bike trailer. If your child is younger and needs to be fastened in more securely, look for something with a harness. If they are a bit older and can hold themselves upright even when going over bumps, then perhaps just a lap belt will be fine for them (after all, they will also be wearing a helmet).

On a pedal trailer, you will mostly find lap belts, but you can find ones with tall seats that still allow them to reach the pedals that also harness them in.

As far as comfort goes, nearly all bicycle trailers are fitted with pneumatic tires (meaning tires filled with air) so that the ride is smooth and comfortable for the child or children riding in or on the trailer. The bigger the tire, the smoother the ride as well, so you will want to find trailers with big tires.

Ease of Towing

The way the trailer attaches to the bike that will be doing the towing is very important because it determines how easy it will be to connect and disconnect it when you want to put it on and take it off. Some of them attach to the axel of the rear wheel and some attach to the post of the bike seat.

Make sure you know which way the trailer you are buying attaches so you can be prepared with any extra hardware that may be needed, or any tools needed to add the hitch quick connect hardware to your bike that is permanent so that it is easy to attach and go when you want to.


With a pedal trailer, there’s just the one child behind you, almost like a two-person bike, so the aerodynamics are pretty good. When it comes to a standard bicycle trailer, however, some of them can be rather big, because they can hold up to two children and have storage space, so with the weight and the width, it can slow you down.

Most of them, though, are designed to cut through the wind and as long as you keep a steady pace, you should be able to maintain a decent rhythm. Getting going if you have to stop at a light, or on a hill, might be difficult, so a bike with gears is essential.

Assembly & Storage

When you first put the trailer together, you should be able to easily see how it folds down for storage. In fact, some of them come almost fully assembled and all you need to do is attach the wheels and a few minor things, and then unfold it into its working shape.

There are ones that fold into very small spaces, and also ones that fold flat enough to just hang on the wall of a garage. Most of them, however, just fold flat enough to fit into the trunk of a car or SUV so that they can be taken to the place where the family adventuring will be done.

Wheel Size & Suspension

The wheel size has a large impact on how smooth the ride is. The less the bounce in the ride, the longer the trailer will last, as there will be less stress on the joints (no matter how it is put together or what it is made of). And it will also have less bounce for the rider or riders, which is a good thing, especially if they are really young.


Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck. If the cheapest standard trailer that I reviewed here has everything you need, then that might be the one for you. However, if you need a few more options, you might want to look at the two-child capacity Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer.

If you have just one child but want the brand name quality of Schwinn, you can always go with the Trailnblazer Single Bike Trailer. All of these have different qualities that give them a versatility that fits each family differently. So make a list of what you are looking for in a bike trailer, and then look for those qualities when shopping for your new versatile standard bike trailer.

Don’t forget you should have a good bike helmet for safety, here are my recommended road bike helmets , I review my favorite bike racks here and if your looking for the ultimate in portability, I review the best folding bikes here.

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If you have always ridden bikes and now have a family, there’s no reason you have to stop enjoying the activity you love. In fact, enjoying this activity with your kids is a great way to instill a love for riding at a young age. The trick is to find the best bike trailer reviews so you know what to look for when purchasing a bike trailer. We selected several of the top bicycle trailers and had one of our adventurous cycler moms take on the challenge of trying them out. First lets take a look at the bike trailers,…

Review Overview

Ease of Use

Summary : The Instep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer was out favorite bike trailer based on our criteria of child safety, ease of assembly, ease of use and style.

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